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The FASHION TEX Srl Code of Ethics identifies a core of values which are a constant reference for the daily actions of all its collaborators in the conduct of business and their activities. It is the responsibility of all employees and collaborators of the company to observe the principles and policies of the Code of Ethics in the management of relations, in order to promote its diffusion and be an example of the concrete application of the Code itself.

The following Code of Ethics is comprised of three parts:


A) Principle of legality.
B) Confidentiality.
C) Respect for the dignity of each individual:
D) Protection of health and safety in the workplace.
E) Environmental safeguarding.
F) Equal opportunities.
G) Impartiality and absence of conflicts of interest.


A) Ethics in business management
• Internal control system
• Transparency in accounting
• Relations with customers
• Relations with suppliers
• Relations with external collaborators
• Relations with the Public Administration
• Sponsorships and contributions
• Competitors
B) Work ethics and the safeguarding and development of collaborators
• Professional development
• Salary
• Internal communication
• Safeguarding of company assets


A) Manager duties
B) Training and communication
C) Non-compliance and sanctions

FASHION TEX Srl, in relation to all recipients of its Code of Ethics, undertakes to:
• Ensure its diffusion by making it readily available to all recipients and implementing adequate training programs;
• Ensure periodic review in order to adapt it to the evolution of civil sensitivity and current legislation;
• Prepare support tools to provide clarification regarding the interpretation and implementation of the provisions of the Code of Ethics;
• Adopt an adequate sanctioning system to suppress any violations of the provisions of the Code of Ethics;
• Adopt adequate procedures for reporting, verifying and responding to any violations; – ensure the confidentiality of the identity of those who report any violations, without prejudice to legal obligations;
• Periodically verify compliance with the Code of Ethics by its recipients.

Recipients of the code of ethics...

The rules of the Code of Ethics apply, without exception, to all employees of FASHION TEX Srl and to all those who, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, establish relations and relationships with the company, or operate to pursue its objectives (hereinafter the ” Recipients “).

The Code of Ethics is an integral part of the employment relationship; All recipients, therefore, undertake to:
• Act in line with what is set out in the Code of Ethics;
• Report any violations of the Code of Ethics to Management the moment they become aware;
• Adequately inform third parties about the obligations imposed by the Code of Ethics, request compliance and take appropriate action in the event of non-compliance.

This document constitutes an extract of the “CODE OF ETHICS” rev 0 of 4th December 2017, by Fashion Tex Srl;
A complete copy can be requested from the administration department at the following address:

Sole Director,
Tiziano Di Ubaldo.

Corropoli, 4th March 2024

Fashion Tex is well aware that the quality in development, weaving and marketing of labels and tapes, both neutral and personalized, is primarily based on the satisfaction of its customers and interested parties. It has, therefore, extended the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standardized model of organization and management to any and all activities carried out.

• The management is committed to providing all human and technical resources necessary in order to ensure that the ongoing improvement of business processes is achieved.

• The management is also committed to periodically outlining and documenting its objectives, so as to give substance to its Quality Policy, working towards a full, concise understanding and implementation of said policy, hence providing all the resources necessary to support it throughout all levels of the company.

This “Philosophy of Quality” must deeply saturate the culture of our company, in its projection towards the future, in its way of relating to customers and interested parties, always fully compliant with relevant contractual, regulatory and legal obligations.
Quality management, for the company, means achieving constant improvement in the effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the work processes in which we are involved, in every moment of the life of the company, with each of us playing a leading role.

In order to succeed in fulfilling this challenging objective in the field of Quality management, passionate participation is required, as well as the ability to question oneself, the will to grow professionally and the personal contribution of each individual.

Our general objectives

• To raise staff awareness at all levels in order to enhance the culture of Quality within our organization;
• To update and train staff both in technical issues as well as in the quality and organization of work;
• To constantly guarantee the provision of adequate and up-to-date human and technical resources over time, which is indispensable for the creation of products that comply with customer expectations;
• To comply with laws in force and the relevant technical and safety regulations; –
• To respect agreed upon deadlines with the customer for the development and realization of the products through coherent planning and efficient management of all processes;
• To develop a relationship with suppliers so as to create a business opportunity for interested parties which goes beyond the logic of “simple compliance”;
• To improve the efficiency of our organization through adequate analysis of business processes;
• To strive for the maximum satisfaction of customers and interested parties by constantly monitoring satisfaction levels from which to draw upon ideas for improvement;
• To obtain a positive economic return.

Sole Director,
Tiziano Di Ubaldo.

Corropoli lì, 4th March 2024