Fashion Tex

The eco-friendly label

"Sustainable development is development which is capable of guaranteeing the satisfaction of current needs without compromising the needs of future generations"


…we use

certified yarns


Fashion Tex Srl, a leading company in the development, weaving and marketing of neutral and personalized labels and ribbons, places the following general objectives at the basis of its environmental conduct:

– To identify applicable environmental legislation and maintain legislative/regulatory compliance;

– To preserve the resources of the planet, monitoring greenhouse gas emissions which are associated either directly or indirectly with our products. This is carried out through the use of energy carriers from renewable sources (about 20% of our electricity is self-produced) and the activation of interventions to “compensate for” the CO2 produced, by supporting projects which promote the creation and protection of forests in equatorial areas (LIFEGATE project)

– To increase staff awareness regarding environmental issues, with particular reference to the reduction of waste (water, energy, raw materials, etc.)

– To activate a communication process with all interested parties, paying particular attention to raising customer and supplier awareness.