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0000019187-foto fashiontex 14Fashion Tex was created in 2004 by the fusion of its actual founders and related working experiences, that began more than 25 years ago, in the industry of ribbons and tapes. Fashion Tex is located between the Gran Sasso mountain and the Adriatic Sea, in one of the Italian most beautiful regions: Abruzzo. The Company occupies a production area of total 2400 square meters and it employs 30 workers. The manufacturing capability of Fashion Tex is wide:  from ribbons and tapes used in the garment’s collections or for creation of leather and footwear products, to the packaging industry. The peculiarity of Fashion Tex, is to have been able to amalgamate with perfect balance the culture of weaving with other finishing techniques such as: washing processes, serigraphic and digital printings, embroidery, rhinestones and studs applications, creating appealing and attractive collections, with a valuable and exclusive look at the same time. In addition to the presentation of two seasonal collections each year, as a source of inspiration for many style offices, Fashion Tex is also specialized in creation of “custom made” collections, satisfying specific requests of its customers, that are listed among the most important worldwide fashion brands. R&D is a must for the creation of innovative proposals, but also for finding inedited yarns that can be used to craft new and never seen before ribbons and tapes. Nylon, Cottoned Polyester, Silk,  Cotton, Wool are the most used raw materials in Fashion Tex’s creations. All of this together with a constant and meticulous investment program on new and most modern, sophisticated and precise textile technology and with original  personalization techniques will always guarantee the high quality of your products. image2By the way, Fashion Tex introduced also a new line of woven labels made by shuttle looms, making the products in very high definition and lightness and giving the labels a more hand-crafted look that will surely make the garment really unique! Fashion Tex is constantly present among its Italian and foreign clients thanks to the capillarity of its sales network, made of expert fashion agencies. The careful management of human resources, the strict control and the adherence to all the stringent safety international standards at work, a very high percentage of specialized young people in its staff, makes Fashion Tex one of the most modern and dynamic reality in the international panorama of manufacturers of ribbon and tapes. Fashion Tex does not only care about its products, but also about the people that work behind the scenes, those workers that are part of the company ad work, day after day, to make sure that Fashion Tex reaches the highest level of prestige worldwide.

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